Do You Want To Increase Your Height?

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Do you want to increase your height? Do you wish you were just a little taller? Have you tried many different things, but they just don’t seem to work? Don’t give up yet. There are quite a few natural and safe methods you can try to increase your height that really do work, especially if you’re still young and growing. There are many important things we do every day that play a vital role in determining our height. If you’re interested, keep reading below.

1. You Are What you Eat! Your Diet Does Matter

That’s right! Diet plays a large part in the growth of our bodies. While some things are very helpful in allowing our bodies to become strong and grow taller, other things should be avoided such as smoking, alcohol, illicit drugs, or anabolic steroids which can stunt your growth. One of the most important things your body needs is protein (especially L- arginine), however this is not the only thing your body needs. The right composition of calories in the form of carbohydrates and fats are also important as well, as is a good growth supplement. Another necessity for the body that many aren’t aware of is water, since you are approximately 60 to 75% water in cellular form. Your body needs a good supply of water each day to facilitate and maintain a height increase.

2. Are you Sitting up Straight?

Posture also plays a part in our overall height. When our body is subjected to improper posture, the ligaments in our spinal column and our back muscles suffer from strain, which can actually cause you to lose height, especially if you already have medical problems such as osteoporosis or are calcium or vitamin D deficient. Improper posture such as slouching can also put your spine out of alignment. On the other hand, good posture when combined with stretching exercises will help your spine actually “lengthen”, which will increase your height. There is nothing like a good night’s rest to actually improve your posture. If you’ve ever noticed, our tallest height is in the morning when we first wake up, which shows how helpful sleep is for increasing height.

3. Did you Know your Clothes can make you Look Taller?

The clothes we wear actually play a role in making us appear taller. Alone, this won’t make a difference but when coupled with the proper height increase exercises and diet, many individuals have proudly boasted with their success stories of adding a couple inches to their height. You can have this same success, especially if you give yourself a little boost with foot insoles which can instantly give you an extra inch or two of height!


Leg Stretching The Extreme New Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Fad

shoe lifts“Just when you think plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures couldn’t get any weirder,” says Wendy Michaels at LimeLife, “along comes something like this”: Limb-lengthening operations to add a few inches to your height. Though the painful surgery was once reserved for people with dwarfism and children with one leg longer than the other, an increasing number of (mostly) men of just-below-average height are seeking it out for purely cosmetic reasons, according to ABC News. Here, a brief guide to the “radical and costly procedure”:

How does limb-lengthening work?
Though medieval torture devices aren’t involved, the procedure is arduous and prolonged. A doctor breaks the patient’s shin bone and inserts a telescoping rod. Over time, the rod pulls the bone apart very gradually, roughly 1 millimeter a day. As the leg bone is stretched apart, new bone, nerves, arteries, and skin grow to fill in the gap. The whole process takes about three months, followed by several more months of demanding physical therapy. Only a few American doctors perform this procedure, which costs about $85,000 in the U.S., and significantly less abroad.

How much taller can it make you?
Generally, the surgery can add two or three inches to a patient’s height, although a New York man using the pseudonym “Apotheosis” added six inches to his original 5-foot-6 frame. More typical is New Jersey resident Akash Shukla, 25, who has “grown” to about 5-foot-2 from 4-foot-11. Limb-lengthening usually isn’t performed on anyone over 5-foot-9.

Is the procedure safe?
Not necessarily. A 2006 study in the journal International Orthopaedics found that “complications of this treatment are frequent.” They include nerve damage, uneven lengthening, hip problems, and paralysis.

This treatment must really hurt, right?
Absolutely. Even if the procedure is performed flawlessly, it’s excruciatingly painful, and doctors don’t prescribe anti-inflammatory painkillers because they might inhibit bone growth. “Jack,” a 5-foot-6 man who flew to China for the operation, says on the website Short Persons Support that becoming 5-foot-9 “is the worst decision I made in my life,” and “not nearly worth the pain.”

Who opts for leg-lengthening?
Most patients have severe deformities or dwarfism, Dr. Dror Paley, an orthopedic surgeon in Florida who performed about 650 leg-lengthening surgeries last year, tells ABC News. And many people who get treatment for cosmetic reasons “have what we call height dysphoria,” he says. “They’re unhappy with their height,” and haven’t been able to overcome their despair through therapy. Shukla describes being under 5 feet tall as “a void inside me � an emptiness in my heart,” adding that “everybody is trying to alter what God gave them. If God gave kids crooked teeth, they get braces.”